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President Banerjee
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Rotary International Themes
1949-1950 Percy C Hodgson


Objectives of our team


1950-1951 Arthur Lagueux Goals for 1950-51  
1953-1954 Joaquin Serratosa Cibils Rotary is Hope in Action  
1954-1955 Herbert J. Taylor Six Objectives for 1954-1955  
1955-1956 A.Z. Baker Develop our Resources  
1956-1957 Gian Paolo Lang 3 targets 1956-1957  
1957-1958 Charles G. Tennent Enlist-Extend-Explore-Serve  
1958-1959 Clifford A. Randall

Help Shape the Future

1959-1960 Harold T. Thomas Vitalize! Personalize! Build Bridges of Friendship!  
1960-1961 Edd McLaughlin You are Rotary - Live it! Express it! Expand it!  
1961-1962 Joseph A. Abey


Aim for Action

Communicate for Understanding

Test for Leadership

1962-1963 Nitish C. Laharry Kindle the Spark Within  
1963-1964 Carl P. Miller Meeting Rotary's Challenge in the Space Age  
1964-1965 Charles W. Pettengill Live Rotary  
1965-1966 C.P.H. Tennstra

Action, Consolidation, and Continuity

1966-1967 Richard L. Evans A Better World through Rotary  
1967-1968 Luther H. Hodges Make Your Rotary Membership Effective  
1968-1969 Kyoshi Togasaki Participate!  
1969-1970 James F. Conway Review and Renew  
1970-1971 William E. Walk Bridge the Gaps  
1971-1972 Ernst G. Breitholtz Goodwill Begins with You  
1972-1973 Roy D. Hickman Let's Take a New Look - and Act  
1973-1974 William C. Carter A Time for Action  
1974-1975 William R. Robbins Renew the Spirit of Rotary  
1975-1976 Ernesto Imbassahy de Mello To Dignify the Human Being  
1976-1977 Robert Manchester II I Believe in Rotary  
1977-1978 W. Jack Davis Serve to Unite Mankind  
1978-1979 Clem Renouf Reach Out  
1979-1980 James L. Bomar Jr. Let Service Light the Way  
1980-1981 Rolf Klärich Take Time to Serve  
1981-1982 Stanley E. McCaffrey World Understanding and Peace through Rotary  
1982-1983 Hiroji Mukasa Mankind is One - Build Bridges of Friendship throughout the World  
1983-1984 William E. Skelton Share Rotary - Serve People  
1984-1985 Carlos Caseco Discover a New World of Service  
1985-1986 Edward F. Cadman You Are the Key  
1986-1987 M.A.T. Caparas Rotary Brings Hope  
1987-1988 Charles C. Keller Rotarians - United in Service - Dedicated to Peace  
1988-1989 Royce Abbey Put Life into Rotary - Your Life  
1989-1990 Hugh M. Archer Enjoy Rotary!  
1990-1991 Paulo V.C. Costa Honor Rotary with Faith and Enthusasm  
1991-1992 Rajendra K. Saboo Look Beyond Yourself  
1992-1993 Clifford L. Dochterman Real Happiness  
1993-1994 Robert R. Barth Believe in What You Do - Do What You Believe in  
1994-1995 William H. Huntley Be a Friend  
1995-1996 Herbert G. Brown

Act with Integrity

Serve with Love

Work for Peace

1996-1997 Luis Vicente Giay Build the Future  
1997-1998 Glen W. Kintross Show Rotary Cares for your community for our world for its people  
1998-1999 James L. Lacy Follow Your Rotary Dream  
1999-2000 Carlo Ravizza Rotary 2000:Act with Consistency, Credibility, Continuity  
2000-2001 Frank J. Devlyn Create Awareness - Take Action
Create Awareness Take Action
2001-2002 Richard D. King Mankind Is Our Business
Mankind is our Business
2002-2003 Bhichai Rattakul Sow the Seeds of Love
Sow The Seeds of Love
2003-2004 Jonathan B. Majiyagbe Lend a Hand Lend a hand
2004-2005 Glenn E. Estess Sr. Celebrate Rotary Celebrate Rotary
2005-2006 Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar Service Above Self Service Above Self
2006-2007 William B. Boyd Lead the Way
Lead the Way
2007-2008 Wilfrid J. Wilkinson Rotary Shares
Rotary Shares
2008-2009 Dong Kurn Lee Make Dreams Real
Make Dreams Real
2009-2010 John Kenny The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands
The Future of Rotary is In Your Hands
2010-2011 Ray Klinginsmith Building Communities - Bridging Continents
Building Communities
2011-2012 Kalyan Banerjee Reach Within to Embrace Humanity
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**Goals for 1950-51:

1. In club service we must beget our heirs; 2. in vocational service honesty is still the best policy; 3. In community service we can plan for the future; 4. In international service we must reexamine our world; 5. And finally we can extend the influence of Rotary.

***Six Objectives for 1954-55:

1. glean from the past and act; 2. share with others; 3. build with Rotary's 4-Way Test; 4. serving youth; 5. international good will; 6. good Rotarians are good citizens.

****3 Targets 1956-57:

1. Keep Rotary simple; 2. More Rotary in Rotarians; 3. Learn More About Each Other

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